Lets… True-Up with Configuration Manager

Using ConfigMgr we can leverage the inventory data gathered by the client agent to report on our license compliance against the MVLS report provided by Microsoft from the MVLS site.

To get your license report do the following:

  1. Log into the MVLS Site, Hover over Microsoft License Statement
  2. Select view Microsoft License Statement
  3. Click the + to bring down the Add Agreements Option and add your agreement and enrolment numbers in the field
  4. Click calculate new statement
  5. Right click on table under License Summary Tab and select Export to Microsoft Excel

Now open this file in Excel. You need to muck about with it a little bit…

Column A will be blank, delete it.

Format the License Version column (C) as TEXT.

Now Save As Excel 2003 XML format.

Copy this into a folder, shared and accessible to the SMS Provider and the user you’re logged in as.

Right click the Asset Intelligence node and select Import Software Licenses



Note, the Example text is incorrect, you need to provide the name of the xml file too.

Complete the wizard and with a fair wind you will be rewarded with a little tick:


In my opinion (having spent all morning getting an import failure) this should also play a little fanfare sound, but it doesn’t.


Looks like we need a few more Project licenses!

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