Customising The Configuration Manager Dashboard (Slightly)

I want to add another pie chart to the defaults on the rather lovely Configuration Manager Dashboard. I’ve already installed the product, which is very straightforward, so connect to the dashboard and click Site Actions – Edit Page…



This displays a hidden web part


Enter a name for your new “Dataset”, here I’m using ComputerModels.xml.

Expand out the Dataset section and add your SQL server name and Configuration Manager database name.

Now add your SQL query. I just want a pie chart of my computer models, so a simple query will suffice:

Select top 10 v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Model0 as Model, COUNT(*) AS ‘Count’ FROM v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM

Click to Validate your query, then expand out the Chart section


I want a pie chart called Computer Models, fill in the boxes and click Save and Close.

Now all that’s needed is to add the newly created dataset to a web part. Click “Add a Web Part” on the page where you wish to display your lovely new chart.

Select Microsoft Dashboard Viewer from the list of webparts


This will add a blank web part to your site:


Click Edit and select “Modify Shared Web Part”

In the right hand pane, click in the “Select Dataset” box and select the ComputerModels.xml we just created


Apply this change and click the Home link on the top of the page and you’re done!


5 comments so far

  1. Chris on

    Does this require a reboot to install on a current SCCM 2007 Infrastructure?

  2. Hey Man on

    Hey man,
    thanks for this

  3. Matt on

    Weird. Mine only shows a count of 1 for 10 models. They’re not even our top 10. Wonder what’s wrong.

    • Ken on

      The last line of the SQL query should be “ORDER BY Count(*) DESC”. As you have it, you get the top ten LEAST used computer models.

      Other than than, very helpful post. Thank you:)

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