Client Health Thresholds in ConfigMgr 2012 Beta 1

A colleague of mine, Andy Sallabank has been participating in the ConfigMgr 2012 CEP and has been getting the inside track on some good stuff. This irked me somewhat, so to redress the balance I have registered myself. Andy has posted some good stuff on his blog around the new features to participate in the CEP, so not to be outdone, I am doing the same; so as part of a series looking at features in ConfigMgr 2012 Beta 1, I thought I would start by looking at client health thresholds. (Why not!?!?!?)

In the monitoring section of the console we can now pull up statistics on client health. Below you can see a report showing my SLA threshold, and the percentage of clients which met the threshold. This stuff is all integrated into the console, which meets with my approval.


I can go in and tweak SLA settings….


As well as do some pretty cool AD integration that allows us to determine when inactive clients last logged into their domain…


Anyone who is currently a ConfigMgr admin will rejoice! Or something, We all have our vbscripts, dudeworks tools and bits of for /f scripts we use for these tasks outside of the console. Maintaining a healthy client base is a full time job. With these things built in, and with auto-remediation to come, we finally have something on the horizon to eliminate some of the frustration of working with SMS!

All this stuff appears to be in its infancy, but from what I have heard and saw briefly at Tech Ed, I am expecting some really great things!

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